How CBD Oil Tincture Is Helping Chronic Pain And PTSD Sufferers Like Connor McGreggor

Pain, especially chronic pain, is one of the most common reasons people see a doctor these days. A huge portion of the population is now retiring from jobs in industries where they stood in one spot all day long and did the same motions. This causes the joints in the appendages to wear out in addition to the spine. Once certain groups of nerves get pinched, the pain is constant and severe. Plus, since the large number of opioid overdose deaths are in the papers on a daily basis, many people are resisting the use of any opiate derivatives to avoid addiction. There are some other alternative treatments available and one of them involves the use of cannabinoids from the hemp plant. Here are some of the various benefits of using CBD Oil Tinctures to help pain.

Most Pain Is The Result Of Inflammation

When the body becomes injured it protects itself by sending certain hormones and blood cells to the area to fight whatever it thinks the real problem is. That is why most people experience heat in an injured or painful part of their body. However, this inflammation should go down on it’s own after the body has discovered the cause of the pain. In many cases, the cause of the pain is that the joint is just plain worn out and the body can’t repair it. So the inflammation continues along with the pain.

CBD oil, or cannabidoil, can help relieve the pain from several different directions. Some people have good experiences with rubbing the oil directly onto the skin in the painful area. Others, will take supplements containing the oil but the length of time for relief is long due to the time it takes for the oil to reach the bloodstream. One of the best ways for fast relief is smoking CBD oil tinctures in a vaping device.

Vaping is a new way that technology is helping people to quit smoking, however, it also an excellent way to get fast pain relief since the oil gets taken up directly through the lungs and into the bloodstream. For severe pain, such as slipped discs in the spinal column, many people use both methods simultaneously, exterior application and vaping as well.

CBD Oil Is Being Used To Help PTSD

There are now millions of veterans that have fought overseas in our various wars, some doing multiple tours to several countries. These people are at high risk of suffering anxiety disorders and PTSD for many years after they come home. They are getting poor relief from the standard medical professionals that usually prescribe anti-anxiety medicines that can be addictive. But CBD oil has been found to work quite well for many of them. There are entire forums online where people use the oils in various dosages and then report back on how effective the results were.

As with any type of medication, some people will rave about how well the oil worked while others report no effects whatever. The beauty of the CBD oil is that it is non-addictive, has very few side effects, most of which are quite mild, and it’s relatively inexpensive compared to most prescription drugs.

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If you’re worried about being high or experiencing euphoria, that’s the great thing about this particular oil from the hemp plant. The THC oil, from marijuana, is the oil that gets people high. Cannabidoil, from industrial hemp, does not cause any euphoria at all and people can usually drive and operate heavy equipment on the job without a problem.

The key is, when you are choosing the CBD Oil tinctures that you’re going to take, make sure that it is high in CBD oil and very low in THC for best results. If you’re in doubt, buy from a supplier that specializes in helping chronic pain sufferers, anxiety sufferers, and other types of afflictions and not those seeking to get high. Nearly all suppliers nowadays are well versed in the great benefits of CBD oils and tinctures.

If you have any kind of affliction that could be caused by inflammation, either of muscles, joints, or nerves, you do owe it to yourself to try some form of CBD oil. There are thousands of forums online where people from all walks of life with the same disease as you are trying cannabidoil for relief, and many swear by its effectiveness.

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